Love that old Hollywood lighting


Happy Birthday Stanley


"Can you draw me a-"
“A mooseball with tank treads, right? Here ya go.”

This just reminds me of Rikki Simons drawing hideous Gir doodles for people, and every time I remember that I laugh a little to myself.

"Honnouji Academy is the fortress I created in order to defeat you! Remember that, Ragyo Kiryuin!”

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before and after listening to marilyn manson

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Today’s Gender of the day is: the Blorp Seal

I can’t live in a world that has both boops boops and the blorp.


Vivian Maier

"In 2007 Chicago 26-year-old real estate agent (and president of the Jefferson Park Historical Society) John Maloof walked into an auction house and placed a $380 bid on a box of 30,000 prints and negatives from an unknown photographer. Realizing the street photographs of 1950s/60s era Chicago and New York were of unusually high quality he purchased another lot of photographer’s work totaling some 100,000 photographic negatives, thousands of prints, 700 rolls of undeveloped color film, home movies, audio tape interviews, and original cameras.

Over time it became clear the photos belonged to a Chicago nanny named Vivian Maier who had photographed prolifically for nearly 40 years, but who never shared her work during her lifetime. Since the discovery Maier’s photographs have received international attention with collections touring in cities around the world as well as the publication of a book.”

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